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Video Examples

Fitprenuer Adverstistement

This video played on Meta ad platforms and was posted on multiple social channels for promotion

Angela Thompson
Realtor promotional video

Angela Thompson
YMCA Membership Giveaway

Buffalo Chicken Love My Rice Stuffed Peppers

"Tasty" style recipe videos
made for Miracle Noodle.

Low-Carb Japchae

"Tasty" style recipe video
made for Miracle Noodle.

Keto Mac & Cheese

"Tasty" style recipe video
made for Miracle Noodle.

Nacho Average Night


Robert Pack, Michael Redig, and I created this entry for the Doritos Superbowl challenge. I, along with my husband, Jonathan, acted in the piece. We had fun in the production process, and we're able to work as a team. Concept, lighting, cinematography, set design, audio, color correction, editing, graphics - the whole enchilada. Here's a description of our 30-second spot.


 Plot: A woman has a hard time gaining the attention of her husband eating Doritos. Production Credits: Teri Tenseth Market, Robert Pack, Michael Redig, Jonathan Market, Rob and Melissa Gordon, and Doug Westerman.

Student Support Services Bill PSA


Along with the Counseling Education Students at Winona State University, we came up with a concept for this video. Then I acted as the director, videographer, and editor on the piece.

Message: In Minnesota, the student to a school counselor is 782 to 1. This is the 49th worst ratio in the nation. The American School Counselor Association recommends a student-to-school counselor ratio of 250 to 1.


Josi Severson

Indiegogo/Kickstarter video I produced from start to finish for a Twin Cities-based textile artist. Josi owns and operates Home Fashion Fabrics. She specializes in organic textile design and is venturing into clothing design. The video helped Josi exceed her goal!


YMCA Program Promotion

In this piece, I was the videographer, voice-over artist, and editor on this piece. The video highlights the classes and youth programming available at the YMCA in Winona, MN. The piece was created for internal use and for club fairs.


Black Tie Jazz

An example of a multicam production. I operated one camera, directed the additional camera operators, recorded sound, and perfomed the multicam edit with sound editing.


Title Sequence for "Art Beat"


I can create custom opening title sequences in a 3-D space. In this example, I used Apple's software, Motion.


Athlete Search Contest / Inspirational Piece

This is an example of what I am able to do with very base equipment. Tools were a point-and-shoot Kodak camera (Zi8) and five hotel room lamps (I was traveling). Some b-roll was shot on and off over the course of a couple of days. On two shots of b-roll, I used a go-pro camera (cycling and pool). Edit was completed in under seven hours, all together with compression and upload. The story is my own.


The Huntress

A promo video for the documentary "The Huntress"


Hunter swims the Lake Harriet 2 mile swim following the one-mile swim race event, totaling 3 miles for the morning. Her swim time for the one mile was 29:32. This race was the first part of the Twin Cities Open Water Half Marathon Series.


The Huntress is a documentary about recovery from substance abuse and all its challenges. I am the director, videographer, and editor of this piece. Other contributors are Robert Pack, Juan Galaraz, and Jonathan Market.

"Adventures in Single Stream Recycling" PSA


I worked as an editor on this piece after the previous editor left. I re-cut, chose music, created and fixed graphics, selected stock footage, shot missing b-roll, performed color correction, and finalized the piece.

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